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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Helicopters of Malaysia

The recent hogwash over the so-called reluctance of rescue helicopters going up to Mount Kinabalu, specifically Laban Rata to rescue climbers trapped on the Mountain after the earthquake made me think.

Just so people can understand better, I've decided to compile a datasheet of helicopters that are in Malaysian government service, both military and civilian.  From this datasheet, you may determine if I had tried to pull your legs why we should have bought all 25 units of EC725 instead of only 12 units.

Sometimes, I find it hard to explain to people why things happen the way it happened instead of the way they want it to happen.  Some people even tried to highlight why there was only a few helicopters during the first few days of the rescue mission and we now have several helicopters during the PM's visit to the disaster area.  Don't they understand you need time to deploy assets from point A to point B?  Of course, there's still a possibility of ass kissers lingering around at the disaster site. You find them every day.  (I was just being accused of one a few days back, for my writings seems to be very defensive of the govt.  My blog, my writing.  Wait till you see I screw the govt for whatever mistakes they have done ^^).

I sometimes still label helicopters produced by Agusta and Westland based on their original designations.  A109 is in fact, AW109 and A139 is AW139.

EC725 Eurocopter Cougar on top of Laban Rata.
Mi-17-1V with military registration but being assigned to Fire and Rescue Dept
PUTD (Army Air Corp) A109 LUH (Light Utility Helicopter).  11 were bought, but 1 crashed in 2013.  The crashed helicopter has yet to be replaced.
AW139 in the service of APMM

AW139 in the service of Fire and Rescue Dept during the recent flood relief effort in Manek Urai.  Note this heli is using civilian registration number.  Credit to Low Yatt Forum.
PDRM AS-355 Ecureuil 2 Helicopter.  1 was lost in a crash in Tanah Merah, Kelantan during the recent flooding.
RMAF S61A4.  Aged more than 40 years old, yet still serving Malaysia faithfully.  Credit :,tudm/Recent
S70 Blackhawk.  Still yet to be received from Brunei.

RMN Fennec during the SAR for QZ8701.  Photo credit to
RMN Super Lynx during a career show.  Photo credit to
RMN Super Lynx during flood relief effort.  Photo credit to
APMM Dauphin in action.  Credit to

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