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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reasons Behind My Mistral Prank

A few days ago, I pulled a prank claiming I have exclusive photos of secret photo of Mistral in Malaysian colours, when in fact I had only a photo of Mistral-branded fan speed controller.

Apologies first to my readers. While the prank may seemed childish, I have every reason to commit to the prank. And tonight I'm sharing out my reasons.

What I did was only to offer something which was half-truth. And people fell for it. But I intentionally use the photo of the fan speed controller. Imagine the damage I would inflict if I were to use, say a photo of Dixmude and claimed that the ship actually belonged to us.

Yet, that is the very same trick that many Malaysians fell for when some irresponsible people claiming that our Scorpene are second hand, using either the photos of Agosta class Ouessant or the Zwardviss class submarines to prove their point.

Be wary when someone use words and phrases like 'exclusive', 'hot', 'top secret' and 'before it is being removed'. These are clues that these are likely to be tricks.

When I used the above words in my prank, I made sure my post is very obvious to be a joke. Yet, when a fraud calling himself Kapt Sharifah Sofea, using the very same words, many fell for it. Claiming exclusivity and yet, identity is unknown, man, I surely have trust issue.

One last one.

And yes, a when something is too good to be true, be careful. It might be a fraud. Let's just say I put this warning up because I hate handling all those complaints from people claiming they were cheated.

Oops! One more one last one. If I ever say I have top secret information, don't believe me. I don't have such access. Even if I have, I won't share it out loud. I rather be dead than be a traitor.

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