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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love Your Country, Not Your Party

Not all is gloom with out opposition parties after all. We still do have opposition party people who care for our nation, and did not politicise defence issue for the sake of politicking.

Meet Hj Imran. He is a former Rear Admiral, Royal Malaysian Navy. He is the Member of Parliament for Lumut. And he is from PKR.

His constituents are mostly Navy people. Not surprising since Lumut is the Navy Town. Which dispels two notions. One, that navy personnel, and as extension, Malaysian Armed Forces is a fixed deposit for the ruling government. And two, that military personnel are being forced to vote for ruling government.

Recently, Air Times interviewed him on defence spending. He bluntly told the govt that our spending is not balanced. You can read that article here.

Some people derided him as playing politics. But truth is, he is sincere. Long before, I had individuals telling me that he is sincere and he maintains a professional relationship with Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the Minister of Defence.

Different parties, yet working together. This is what we defence writers look forward to.

DS Hishammuddin and Lumut MP. Photo credit to H2O Twitter

Another good news I get to read is PAS had asked the government to look into raising the allowance for the holders of SP (Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa) and PGB (Panglima Gagah Berani). A noble suggestion. You can read that here.

Another good deed I think should not go unmentioned is that of a PKR ADUN in Selangor. I don't recall his name. I'm not even sure if he is still the ADUN.

When the news that one of the fallen cops in Kampung SiminulJaya ambush was one of his constituents, he quickly helped the family to arrange for the funeral. He immediately helped to get a plot at a nearby graveyard and selected a location near to the pathway. He had also gotten the graveyard cleaned up, and gotten the local council to build a lamp post near the deceased officer's grave, so the family can visit the grave at any time. Is this a story I heard from a third party? No, I heard it from the family itself, and I visited the young officer's grave myself.

Love your country, not your party. Don't, just don't play politics with your country's future. 

Note: this is by no mean an endorsement to opposition party as many more are just playing politics.

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