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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 59th Birthday, Malaysia

Come twelve midnight tonight, our nation will celebrate the 59th Independence Day.  A reflection of past glories relived for all to see, in remembrance of those whose lives were given up for this nation.

One Side of the Coin
It has not been an easy journey.  Many had fell along the way, their blood defending the Federation.  Yet at times, it seems to be in vain.

Some of those in power, and those who aspire to be in power, do not have the rakyat's interest in their heart.  It is theirs and theirs alone.

Along the way, they brought their agenda, putting wedge in a society which is already very divided, politically, racially, religiously, and parochially.

In recent years, there have been many attempts to by many of these people to split our society.  Some say that with the removal of ISA, it has made it easier for these people to pursue their agenda.

The most significant challenge to the Federation is the question on the validity of our Independence Day.

Is it on 31st August 1957 that Malaysia attained her independence?  Or was it 31 August 1963 when Malaysia was supposed to be formed from 4 separate political entities?  Or was it supposed to be 16 September 1963?  Even better to some, there was never any true independence.

And they say, history is written by the Victor.

Today's youths are indifferent to our history as they say it is not taught in schools.  They say it is a diluted version, to show that a certain political party is the saviour of the nation.  Ironically, if you ask them, they are likely not able to tell you that the official name of Malaysia is Federation of Malaysia or Persekutuan Malaysia.

My Side of the Coin
To me, whether it is 31 August or 16 Sept, or was it in 1957 or 1963, it doesn't matter.  What matters now is we are one nation.

What matters now is that many men and women had gave up their lives to ensure that Jalur Gemilang will continue to be flown on flagpoles across this great nation.

That I shall honour.

We are now slowly moving towards a society that is no longer beholden to the political leadership.

We are now in a society that free flow of information has made it easy for us to have access to what can only be considered as seditious and dangerous by Governments of the past.

It is time for Malaysia to move on.  The baggage of the past that we carry shall not hold us back.  Instead, these should lead us to a greater height in the future.

Difference in opinion should be cherished.  But we need to remember the limits that we shall not bring harm to ourselves and to hurt those that are still hurt.

No longer  that I see that flying the flag is a sign of patriotism.  It is a duty.  A duty I shall not place on the shoulder of others as they may not be able to carry.

And as long as I live, I shall endeavor to make sure that Jalur Gemilang still flies.  In honour to those who had sacrificed for the Flag.

Happy 59th Birthday, Federation of Malaysia.

PS: There's more to history than the few lines found in school textbook.  It is not hidden from your eyes.  Nor there's a conspiracy to hide it.  You're just damned too lazy to pick up more books to read.

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