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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Naval Accidents

The news of the maritime incident involving USS Fitzgerald and Philippine-flagged ACX Crystal is a stark reminder the dangers faced by navy personnel worldwide. 7 sailors were missing after the crash, with reports of some bodies have been found in flooded areas of the ship.

USS Fitzgerald
Source - various media

Nearer to home, our KD Jebat (pennant no. 29) was involved in a similar collision when KD Jebat was brushed by an unknown ship near Selangor waters in January 2014. Thankfully the damage was minor and all hands were accounted for.

Our neighbour's navy was not as fortunate. In 2003, RSN Courageous, a Fearless class patrol vessel was hit at the stern by Indonesian-registered cargo ship ANL Indonesia. 

RSN Courageous
Source BBC

4 female sailors were killed as their sleeping bunk were sheared off. 3 bodies were recovered, while another was never found. The deceased are:
1. 1st Sgt Seah Ai Leng
2. 1st Sgt Heng Sok Ling
3. 2nd Sgt Chua Bee Lin
4. Cpl Goh Hui Ling

2nd Sgt Chua's body was never recovered.

As we are on this topic, I would like to implore my readers not to make fun of these deaths and accidents. Let it be a solemn memory of their loss, regardless of their nationality.

There is another naval collision involving RMN in the 70's which resulted in loss of lives. But I do not have the details. Pray for the souls of these brave men and women who served their nations without question.

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