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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - A New Year, A New Approach

Hi all,

Some of you have been following my postings on my Facebook page at the following address:

It was fun in the beginning.  But it is getting tedious. 

When Facebook first came to my attention (I was a late starter), I took it wholeheartedly as I get to write my views more often.  I like it better than Twitter (I stopped twitting at 0) as I get to post long articles.  But as times go by, there are times that I would like to refer to my previous writings.  And I found it to be a very tedious and difficult process with Facebook.

I will still be maintaining my Facebook account.  But I will be using it much lesser.  THIS blog will now be the repository of my articles.  I will try my level best to retrieve the articles posted in Facebook, especially those of high value.  But I must concede that the task is rather insurmountable. 

Another reason why I want to have my articles at one single location.  It would be easier for me to refer back to my past writings.  As a freelance writer, such writings are very valuable to me.  One day, I would want to sit down with my children or grandchildren and share with them whatever knowledge and wealth that I had gained in my years of writing. 

May God bless me in this new approach.

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