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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Malaysian Government Agencies' Camouflage Uniform Fetish

Look what I found being shared around in Facebook.

It is without logic for government agencies like enforcement agencies of city council require them to wear camouflage uniforms. 

Camouflage patterns has been part of military culture for decades as the pattern helps to conceal soldiers from their enemies during combat.

As such, camouflage uniform is synonymous with military and is governed under Article 1(2) of the Third Geneva Convention.  Article 44.3 requires military units to wear distinctive uniforms to distinguish themselves from civilian to prevent accidental killing of civilian.

I am baffled (not) why these agencies need these camouflage.  It is not like that they need to hide from their enemies. 

Other than the Armed Forces and Police, I do not see any need for other agencies to have camouflage uniforms.  Hiding from their bosses?  Or are they preparing themselves to be legitimate target during war?

Introduction of such uniform is also not cheap.  Government contracts would have to be issued to contractors to produce new uniforms.  Considering the state of our economy,  this is a foolish move.  The men and women who are supposed to wear these uniforms would be more appreciative of the Government if the money saved here is used to increase their emoluments and pay.

If they (the designers of the uniforms) really want to wear military styled uniforms, they can register with the nearest Territorial Army recruitment centres or Police Volunteer Reserve units. 

PS: it is wastage like these that I expect the opposition parties to pick up.  Or is it not popular enough with their supporters?


  1. I'm still trying to find the logic why the fire fighters need cammies.

    1. The firefighters camo's purpose is the opposite of the military camo function. While military camo's purpose is to blend in with the surrounding, firefighters bright colored camo is meant to be seen by the victims and their peers during rescue operations. Furthermore, firefighters camo is not being used during firefighting, the firemen use their fire retardant suit instead.

  2. They really good to wasting money... into their own pocket...

  3. They really good to wasting money... into their own pocket...