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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Middle-East - Burning Ember of Hatred - Part 3

The White Helmets - Heroes or Pretenders
Much of the evidence against Assad's regime on the use of chemical weapons and other atrocities against humanity came from a group known as the White Helmets.

The group is called as White Helmets as they wear white-coloured helmets while conducting rescue works, mostly using handheld devices to remove rubble to rescue trapped victims.

Celebrated as heroes in the west, they even had a documentary made on them which had won an Oscar award.

The group was responsible of highlighting Syrian government forces use of chemical weapons in Goutha attack.

Subsequent use of chlorine gas as weapon was also highlighted by the group.

And they were on the ground seen rescuing the victims of Khan Sheikun attack.

Manufactured Evidence
However, recently I have came across evidence that the White Helmet group may have been manufacturing evidence to force an international outcry and involvement in Syria.

In the first place, I would usually put aside such evidence, but comments from sources who are familiar with first responder role on the Khan Sheikun attack made me relook into this group's role in Syria.

Video of the group's volunteers running to assist the victims were shared by the group to show the atrocities committed by Bashir al-Assad's government. Sources who had done first responder duties pointed out that the volunteers did not wear protective clothing that would be suitable to handle Sarin gas attack.

Sarin gas would usually leave a thin layer of residue which is still deadly on contact. Without proper equipment, the white helmet volunteers should be dropping dead. Yet they survived with no apparent injury.

Another video of the White Helmet emerged, showing them treating a child alleged to be a victim of chlorine gas attack. Independent Swedish doctors who watched the video had said the volunteers were not even treating the child, only sticking a needle into a helpless child's body.

There are other photos too of the group being alleged as creating evidence to get people to be angry at the Syrian Government.

Alleged combination of photo showing a photo op

If these accusations are true, it would make the evidences submitted by the group unreliable.

Syrian Government Claim
When the news of the attack reached international media, the Syrian government did not deny they had launched an air strike at Khan Sheikun. Instead, they claimed they had launched a conventional air strike against a target designated as weapons dump under enemy control, which subsequently leaked the chemical compound to the surrounding area.

The Syrian government claim is backed by the Russian government, whose military has a presence in the air base which had launched the air strike.

The Russian government has also indicated that they would be presenting evidence to back Syrian government in the United Nations Security Council emergency meeting, which is being held as this article is written.

US Air Strike
Another evidence which backed the Syrian Government claim is inadvertently provided by US military.

Some 23 US Tomahawk cruise missiles out of 50 missiles managed to hit their designated targets in Syria.

Amongst the targets that were destroyed was the air base where the air strike was launched.

Had Syrian Army still have stocks of Sarin gas, I would expect the attack would result in the precursor chemicals to mix and spread within the targeted strike area.
Yet, there were no news of new Sarin gas incidents in the affected area.

Destruction of Syrian Stock of Chemical Weapons
It is worth to note that after the Goutha chemical bomb attack, Syria had made the decision to destroy all chemical weapons under its control. This destruction was independently verified by a Russian agency and an American agency. Therefore, raised the question of whose chemical weapons that had been used in the attack.

Proliferation of NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) weapons especially from Libya is very much possible. Inventory belonging to the Libyan Army were found to be missing. Amongst them would be the chemical weapons.

There are those too who pointed that the chemicals could also be supplied by the US government in an effort to force Syrian government's capitulation. Unfortunately, no one has evidenced this. And I tend to believe this was an attempt to paint a negative picture on former US Secretary of the State, Madam Hillary Clinton.

As Russia has confirmed that Syrian chemical weapons had been destroyed, the accusations against Syrian government is a reminiscent of accusations that Saddam Hussein's Iraq still keeping weapons of mass destruction. Ironic twist to two enemies who were once allies against Israel and key promoters of secular Pan-Arabic world.

Possibility of False Flag Attack
Another possibility which I have entertained would be that of a false flag, ie manufactured evidences are being used to engineer US entry into the conflict.
I have doubt that the incident itself is a false flag. More likely, these victims did died due to Sarin. And very likely that the White Helmets together with other Anti-Bashar forces would have just taken advantage of what had happened, ie using the dead bodies of victims killed by the attack to increase their support.

What If I'm Wrong?
Which is possible. According to US, they have evidence that the chemical attack is premeditated.

With Russian support, Syria was said to have been able to just ignore their responsibilities to ordinary Syrian.

Photos released by Syrian government showing damaged hardened aircraft structure showed piles of containerised unit similar to what Russia used to store such chemicals.
Alleged evidence that Russia supplied the sarin gas

To be continued...

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