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Saturday, December 2, 2017

No Plans for School Holidays? Make a Bee Line to Muzium Tentera Darat

School holidays have started for about a week already.  While some parents may have plans to bring their children for holidays, many are still contemplating where to bring their children to during this school holiday.

For parents who have yet to have any plans for the holidays, I have a suggestion for you.

Muzium Tentera Darat Malaysia, or Malaysian Army Museum will be organising an exhibition titled World at War.

What better way to give your kids a valuable school holiday.  Your children gets to learn about the futility of war and the grim reminder to the dark reality of what we can inflict on our fellow human.  This comes with the hope that this will create a generation of world citizens that would oppose against waging war against each other, and that it may only be the last resort.

The event will be hosted by Muzium Tentera Darat Malaysia, which is located in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.  Port Dickson is synonymous with Malaysian Army, as the first unit of Malaysian Army was raised from these same ground.

Even without the exhibition, the museum itself is worth a visit.  It boasts a collection of military vehicles used by Malaysian Armed Forces since formation.  It also has a RMAF Caribou and A4PTM.

Within the grounds of the Museum, the various buildings host the different periods of Malaysian military history, including Malaccan era.  A large number of dioramas are available, illustrating the many battles that Malaysian Armed Forces had gone through in its illustrous history.

Malaysian Armed Forces' most important contribution to Malaysia is the organisation's effort against the communist insurgency from 1948 to 1990.  To illustrate the difficulties in facing the communist insurgents, part of the museum grounds had been dugged and remodeled into a communist underground tunnel.

In it's 80 plus years in serving Malaysia, many men and women had served in this organisation.  Some had paid the ultimate price, for the freedom of Malaysia and the dignity of every Malaysian.  As a remembrance to these brave warriors of various races and religions, several arches can be found on the museum ground, listing names, service number and regiments of these brave warriors.

So what are you waiting for?  Mark these dates and come to the Army Museum.  And you know what?  Free entry!

A brief snippet of the same event held at Muzium Negara in 2014.

How to go to Army Museum?
You can go to the museum by following the link below.

For more news,you may follow Muzium Tentera Darat at Facebook (click here).

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