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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sarawak State Memorial

The end of World War 2 ushered in an age of political revolt in former British-held territories. Malaysia and the territories that made up Malaysia too could not escape this new-found confidence in self-rule.

In Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia), Malayan Communist Party under the misguided leadership of Chin Peng (born Ong Boon Hua) tried to use force to force the British to leave Malaya.

In Sarawak, Partai Rakyat Kalimantan Utara (or PARAKU) and Parti Gerakan Rakyat Sarawak (PGRS) too began anti-colonial campaign. Both were heavily influences by Marxist ideology.

Difficult times called for difficult solution. Young men were called upon to protect their society. Many answered the call, but some, select few get to answer the ultimate call.

As time goes by, the sacrifices of these men are forgotten. Thankfully, Sarawak government had not forgotten them. A memorial had been set up to remember these brave young men.

I first got to know of the existence of this location during Ops Mai Pulai, led by Lt Col (R) Haji Robert Rizal Abdullah.

When I returned to Kuching, I had tried to find the location twice. The first time ended in failure, as I had searched the grounds of Sarawak Museum.

I was pointed to the nearby St Joseph Cathedral. Again with little information, I searched the cemetery with no avail. Asking the workers there, they finally pointed me to the right place.

That was years ago. Today, the location is still deserted. Not many people know of the existence of this hallowed ground.

To the Bujang Berani who had left their homes, may God bless your souls.

Entrance to location.

Short explanation.

The history of Z Force.

Names of men who were executed for being part of Force Z and/or assisting POW.

Latest addition are of PW I Kanang ak Langkau, SP, PGB (left), and ASP Michael Padel, PGB. The smaller headstones are the headstones of 21 Dayak trackers killed during the first Darurat.

Below is a poem I wrote to commemorate their return to home. 

21 Bujang Berani Sarawak

Dua ribu datang,  mereka yang berani,
Mereka berjuang, darah mengalir, tak berundur,
Dua ribu datang, 21 tidak kembali.

Prebet Entap anak Tulu 
Prebet Nyantau anak Juna
Prebet Manit anak Cheling
Prebet Nyaru anak Talap
Prebet Mat anak Akit
Korporal Adrian Tandang
Prebet Empati Dugu
Border Scout Utot anak Tangang
Prebet Bulan anak Kasau
Prebet Untang anak Engan
Prebet Rejab anak Bagi
Prebet Ugap anak Utut
Prebet Letan anak Kusing
Prebet Nyambik anak Pasang
Prebet Kumpang anak Tinggi
Prebet Jaweng anak Jugah
Prebet Unggat Jugom
Lans Korporal Ungkok anak Jugam
Prebet Kelambu anak Gadong
Prebet Dempi anak Berain

Mereka 21 Bujang Berani Sarawak,
Mereka datang demi Negara yang belum mereka kenali,
Di bahu mereka, nasib sebuah Negara,
Tapi Takdir tidak menyebelahi mereka,
Tidak ketemuan buat kali terakhir untuk keluarga mereka.

2011 menjelang tiba,
Pintu Charlie terbentang luas,
Dari perut 21 segak berpakaian,
Di tangan mereka 21 Bujang Berani ditutupi Jalur Gemilang,
Akhirnya kembali ke Bumi Tercinta.

Heroes Memorial Park 1, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Taman Budaya, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak

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