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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reasons Behind My Mistral Prank

A few days ago, I pulled a prank claiming I have exclusive photos of secret photo of Mistral in Malaysian colours, when in fact I had only a photo of Mistral-branded fan speed controller.

Apologies first to my readers. While the prank may seemed childish, I have every reason to commit to the prank. And tonight I'm sharing out my reasons.

What I did was only to offer something which was half-truth. And people fell for it. But I intentionally use the photo of the fan speed controller. Imagine the damage I would inflict if I were to use, say a photo of Dixmude and claimed that the ship actually belonged to us.

Yet, that is the very same trick that many Malaysians fell for when some irresponsible people claiming that our Scorpene are second hand, using either the photos of Agosta class Ouessant or the Zwardviss class submarines to prove their point.

Be wary when someone use words and phrases like 'exclusive', 'hot', 'top secret' and 'before it is being removed'. These are clues that these are likely to be tricks.

When I used the above words in my prank, I made sure my post is very obvious to be a joke. Yet, when a fraud calling himself Kapt Sharifah Sofea, using the very same words, many fell for it. Claiming exclusivity and yet, identity is unknown, man, I surely have trust issue.

One last one.

And yes, a when something is too good to be true, be careful. It might be a fraud. Let's just say I put this warning up because I hate handling all those complaints from people claiming they were cheated.

Oops! One more one last one. If I ever say I have top secret information, don't believe me. I don't have such access. Even if I have, I won't share it out loud. I rather be dead than be a traitor.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Riddle of the Day

Even when the haze moves in, even when the sky darkens, I know, that I can find KLCC out there.

Likewise, even with so much noise, with tonnes of allegations of misdeeds, I have yet to see one concrete evidence.

Sometimes what you see, and what you hear, is not what is real. And at the end of the day, it is about standing firm with your faith, and understanding why and how does the water flow that you will see and hear what is true.

Don't blame the King for not taking up to the honey bee. The sting of the bee would have killed it. Blame the bee for smelling like a cabbage when the King makes friends with the rooster. Not even the intoxicating October can convince the King that life is gay with him.

So Honey Bee is dead, blown to pieces. And here come the ants, trying to make the King to bite the silent one. But the silent one will be free, not because he is silent, but the cabbage smelling bee sting can kill.

Don't understand what I'm saying? Tough luck.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Berita Panas! Mistral pasti milik kita!

Kami baru sahaja mendapat maklumat panas ini. Mistral sebenarnya telah pun beroperasi di Malaysia. Kami baru sahaja mendapat gambar bukti kehadiran Mistral.

Ikuti pautan berikut di mana kami telah mendapatkan gambar terkini Mistral dalam operasi. Sebelum dipadamkan!


Kipas jenama Mistral

Budget 2016 Suggestion Forum

Going through PM's Budget 2016 suggestion page, I saw an insurmountable task ahead. Not just in defence, but the whole government machinery.

Many of these well-meaning suggestions are actually already in place. 

So where is Kementerian Penerangan? Sleeping on the job?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mistral Fiasco - Malaysia to the Rescue?

It is with my firm interest that the YB for Pandan, Rafizi Ramli had shown his interest on defence issues by bringing up the issue of Mistral class LHD. First of all, thank you for your kind interest and willingness to look into the issue. I am honoured that the YB is willing to look into the issue for the Rakyat's sake.

The good YB must have been flabbergasted when he had found out via unconfirmed report and writings by his eminent Dr. Kua Kee Siong that our govt had solicited for the purchase of the aircraft carrier from France.