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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Defence Procurement Policy - Diplomacy

This will be the last article of this series that discuss on procurement policy.  As I had covered the topic rather extensively in the previous articles, this article will be shorter.

One of the least discussed functions of defence procurement is as a diplomatic tool.  Often, war is quoted as the extension of diplomacy.  But it is very seldom discussed that defence procurement itself is used as diplomatic tool.

The United States is apparently the pioneer in establishing their defence industry as part of their diplomatic tool.  With their technological prowess, their equipment are sought by many countries.

Under the thinly veiled moral high ground of human rights, the US used these procurements to seek to control the regimes of their buyers.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happy Merdeka Sarawak

Come tomorrow, Sarawak celebrates her 53rd independence day from British Colonial rule on 22nd July 1963.  And tomorrow's celebration is the first to be held on the momentous day since 1963.

Personally, the celebration has brought a flood of ambivalent feeling to myself. 

As a Malaysian, the date has no historical meaning attached to it.  The date was never recognised by Sarawak government since formation of Malaysia.  And the Education Ministry did not include it in History syllabus.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Defence Procurement Policy - Local Defence Industry

In my most recent article on defence procurement policy (published 6 May 2016), I have touched lightly on local defence industry. This is not due to dearth of information on local defence industry. Contrary, the industry today is very much alive and would probably be a key economic driver for Malaysia in 3 years time. Sound optimistic? Yes, and I'm still trying to be conservative in my outlook.

Ten years ago, you can basically count with your fingers the number of key players in the defence industry. Today, this number has grown.

Many of these companies came to promote their products during the recent DSA. Though in terms of floor space taken up shows a slight decline in number of exhibitors, the quality of local display has increased significantly.

Previously, local players were only involved as middlemen peddling products from big international players. This time, local players had also brought in homegrown products which received rather good review. Some of these were rather sophisticated. At least 1 product had received offer for international joint-venture and marketing from a very well-established international firm.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Irony, Danger and Fear

I believe many of you have woken up to find this message in either your whatsapp inbox or Facebook.

This message which claims that these are confirmed locations where Daish will be striking and had been confirmed by Malaysian Government.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

PDRM 9 - Daish 1

So it has begun.  Daish has launched its first successful attack in Malaysia, specifically in Puchong.  And my analysis on the Puchong attack was wrong.

But many Malaysians have expressed scepticism.