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Monday, May 25, 2015

Tommy the Pacifist

The year was 1982. Tommy (let's call him Tommy) was fed up with the world. The world was in turmoil, with war in the Middle-East just about to reach its 2 years mark (the war will go on for another 5 years). You see, Tommy is a pacifist. He hates war. So one fine day, Tommy decided to throw in the towel. "Away with the world that had supported the war," he said.

So by end of March 1982, Tommy moved to a peaceful island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The people speaks English, so he had no problem fitting in. As he settled down, he finally found heaven on earth.

On 2nd April 1982, Tommy's peaceful existence in this world was shattered, as Argentina invaded the Falkland island where Tommy has made it his home. From a peaceful existence, Tommy had managed to get himself right in the middle of a war.

Lesson learnt. You may see we live in a peaceful world today, but you may never know, at a flick of a switch, the world you know will be in a war that you and I would never want to be a part of. That happened to Tommy, and that happened to those who were not ready, for out there, there are people who would be more than willing to kill to get a piece of the land you call home.

Note: Adolf Hitler promised not to go to war against USSR, but went ahead with Operation Barbarossa.

Note 2: Any resemblance of Tommy to anyone living or dead, real or fictional, is a coincidence. In any case if he does exist, may God grant him pity for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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