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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Questions of Identity by Bob Cook

Finally, after years of searching, across 5 countries, I have finally gotten a copy of this magnificent boom by Bob Cook. Even more interesting was this book might be one of the earliest edition as it was published in 1985 or 1987. The difficulty in searching for this book stemmed from the fact the book was no longer printed and very few people like books from UK (as opposed to same type of thriller from the US).

What I love about this book was the portrayal of deep cover operation. In this case, how covert operators (a nicer way to call a spy) create their cover. 

And you will find how allegiance on the field of battle could change just so easily because of these deep cover operators.

While there are some mistakes, not sure if it was intentional or unintentional, the most glaring was about Argentine military dictator Agusto Pinochet being a Chilean dictator.

I'll give a deeper review later, once I have my time to do so. Till then, allow myself to engrossing myself in this book. 

PS thanks to my brother who is studying in UK for this wonderful book.

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