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Friday, October 23, 2015

PDRM AW139 Purchase

Flabbergasted! That is how I am going to describe my feeling. No, no. It is not about Putrajaya buying 2 new helicopters at half a billion ringgit. But the reporting by TMI. You can read it here.

Have they all forgotten the big flood early this year? That we didn't have sufficient helicopters to cover all affected areas sufficiently?

Have they forgotten that one Police Ecurecial crashed at Tanah Merah due to overwork transporting rations?

Have they forgotten that there were complaints that we didn't have enough helicopters to rescue people on top of Laban Rata during the earthquake crisis?

The point is, we do not know when the next crisis is going to manifest itself. We do not know when does shit hits the fan. But we do know we need more helicopters. So pull your shit together and get these helicopters.

Note: pull your shit together means get your act in place, not tarik tahi awak.

Plus, some twitty bird just told me the price of half a billion includes the 6 APC. These 6 APC are for PDRM counter-terror units. And don't tell me you expect our boys-in-blue drive straight to fight terrorists using a Black Maria too. Heck! I should tie you in front of the Black Maria as a shield!
PS - apologies for the rant. I can't make it how these people want to politicise every single purchase.

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