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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Farewell and Rest In Peace, Major Kayamboo

Yesterday was supposed to be a very special day for him.  A new boss helming his organisation, and on top of that, it was his 45th birthday.

The late Major Kayamboo (Source Whatsapp)

His unit, flying under call sign Sintar 2, is the dream team of Malaysia and is as good as it gets.  Him, his co-pilot Capt Wai Lik, crew Lt Hamdi Ahmad Hanafi (some sources says the name is Hamid instead of Hamdi) and Sergeant Mohd Sofi Azizan represents a glimpse into a united Federation of Malaysia.

In a racially divided Malaysia, non-Bumi has been bearing the brunt of undue scrutiny on their loyalty to the land where their forefathers have decided to call as home.

Many accused this as the result of a racist policy by the government.

But the seed was sown even before the land was self-governed.

The racial discord which had begun to manifest itself during the Second World War had gotten worse under the Japanese Occupation and subsequent British-control.

The return of the British later saw the pitting of majority-Malay government forces against majority-Chinese Malayan Communist Party in a dogged 12-year insurgency.  Heavy fighting and merciless conduct by majority-Chinese in the communist further sowed distrust.  The British didn't help much by propagating it was a Malay versus Chinese insurgency.

Major Kayamboo Chellam died doing the job he loved and for the country he loved.
A RMAF Beechcraft 200T in RMAF colour (Source: internet).

The unfortunate crashed Beechcraft (Source: Whatsapp and media)

His co-pilot Capt Wai Lik is still critical.  Two others, Lt Hamdi and Sergeant Sofi are still hospitalised, with Lt Hamdi had been transferred to Hospital Tuanku Mizan in Wangsa Maju.

At the time the nation is split between racial and religious lines, the crew of Sintar 2 taught us that patriotism knows no colour, and beneath the skin colour that we identify to, we all bleed the same red blood.

Condolence to the family of Major Kayamboo and Godspeed to Captain Wai Lik, Lt Hamid and Sergeant Sofi.

The family of deceased at the hospital (Source: NST/Bernama)

Flag draped coffin - The price paid by Major Kayamboo for our sovereignty (Source: internet)

Behind every fallen soldier is a grieving family (Source: internet)


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  2. A good friend, a coursemate and a good officer. I remember him well from PLTB I itself. Condolences on the loss of another examplary pilot.