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Monday, November 13, 2017

Tun Hanif Omar - A Brief History

Tun Hanif Omar was a former Inspector General of Police of Royal Malaysian Police Force from 1974 to 1994. At the time of his appointment to the post, he was the youngest person to be appointed as IGP in Commonwealth, at the age of 34, a post he held until retirement. He is also the longest serving IGP in Commonwealth (20 years).

Tun Hanif Omar

He is the fourth Malaysian to be appointed to the post, and he was later replaced by Tan Sri Rahim Noor.

Tun Hanif Omar was one of the earliest graduate recruit officers to join RMP. This gave him the advantage to have a fast-track career.

Duty Calls
He took over the role as IGP as his predecessor, then IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman was assassinated by a PKM - ML kill squad in near the Weld.

Tan Sri Abdul Rahman, 3rd IGP

Despite his young age, Tun Abdul Razak had full trust of Tun Hanif Omar, due to his conduct in handling the May 13th tragedy.

During his tenure as IGP, he had overseen the following:
1. Memali incident*;
2. Ops Lalang;
3. Dismantlement of PKM Central;
4. Dismantlement of PKM - ML;
5. Dismantlement of PKM - RF;
6. Dismantlement of PARAKU;
7. Dismantlement of PGRS;
8. Private Adam's amuk;
9. The arrest of the notorious Botak Chin;
10. The killing of Bentong Kali.

* correction:
Tun Hanif Omar was on leave to read law at University of Buckingham when Memali incident occurred. The IGP then was technically Acting IGP Tan Sri Amin Osman. Thank you to Capt (R) Rahmat for the correction.

Tun Hanif Omar (right), with his son, Capt (R) Abdul Rahmat (aka Seademon) in front of War Memorial.

Malay Warrior
Tun Hanif Omar comes from a family of Malay warrior. His grandfather, Ngah Jabor, also known as Imam Perang Jabor, was one of the Malay aristocrats that was involved in the killing of J.W.W. Birch, the first British Resident to Perak. Although he had claimed to have killed J.W.W. Birch, he was not sentenced to death, but to a life in prison. He was later discreetly released from prison, and later had founded the town of Kampar.

Ngah Jabor in turn, is a descendent to Daeng Selili, a famous Bugis warrior who fought against the Dutch colonialism in Indonesia.

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