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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cold War 2

Life, it seems is getting back to the time in 70's. Threat of war on all fronts. A looming global ideological threat (what ISIL/ISIS/IS and AQ holds onto is not Islam, but an ideogical belief that what they like and agreeable to them from Islam).
Add a growing antagonism towards 2 new super powers (one a has been that is clawing its way back to the top of the pecking order, the other a newly minted global power which is trying to claim the seas around it) into the equation, the world is no longer as peaceful as it seems.
Civil war in Syria may seems to be a fight between warlords for power, but behind this fascade of civil war are the 4 chess grandmasters playing with the lives of millions.
In Eastern Europe, a middle-power tried its hands in global geopolitics, only to have it fouled by a smart ass chess move by a declining middle-power.
In East Asia, cloak and dagger moves abound. Chess pieces being moved non-stop in an area where allegiance is nothing but a shifting boundaries.
Welcome to Cold War 2.

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