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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Condolences to Philippines National Police Special Action Forces (PNP - SAF)

We were lucky.

In the Kampung Siminul Jaya ambush that killed 6 of our men, of which one of them was the husband of my ex-colleague, we were lucky that Kiram's terrorists did not press their advantage. Why they did not press their advantages, we will never know.

The Philippines learnt that the hard way. With 44 police commandos confirmed dead in the 11 hours firefight, the Bangsamoro Peace Agreement is now threatened with calls for retribution.

I can only offer condolences to those who lost their loved one's in this mismanaged operation, which to me similar to another mismanaged operation, Operation Restore Hope, which ironically destroyed the hope for peace in Somalia.

What does this mean to Malaysia? We must be ever ready. If the peace talk collapse, we will be faced with another round of refugees seeking a safe haven. And amongst these refugees, will be bandits from ASG, BIAF and MNLF hiding in sheep's clothing. And our efforts to rid illegal immigrants from Sabah will fail.

Thus, Malaysia as the leading country in the International Monitoring Team (IMT) must pull both the grieving Filipino govt lead by Aquino, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) together for peace to have a chance in Southern Philippines, and with that, so peace too to our fellow citizens in Sabah.

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