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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sleeping on the job - Symptom of Manpower Stretch?

This photo have been spreading like wildfire on the internet, partly because of people's unhappiness with rising crime rate and perceived laziness of police in pursuing and arresting criminals on the street. But more so due to these officers being part of an establishment that is being purposely portrayed as the reason the current government could stay in power. 

Action had since been taken on the 2 officers. And the internet is now filled with condemnation at these officers. 

But did any of us ever thought of why the officers were caught sleeping at work?

Most of our officers are overworked. While most of us have 9 to 6 shifts which comes with 2-days weekend, these officers don't get to enjoy that. Many worked irregular hours. A 12-hour to 24-hour shift is normal. And weekends are a fleeting glance. 

If you work more than your allocated hours, you get to claim allowance. But these officers don't get to enjoy that. 

Most of us have roofs over our heads and air-condition makes our environment bearable. But most of these officers have to be on the move at all times, rain or shine. 

Every day, the worst thing could happen to us at work could be suffering from paper cuts. But these officers face danger daily, not knowing if they will see the sun rises again the next day. 

And yet, many are paid less than RM2,000 basic pay. 

They too have families, have loved ones. They too have only 24 hours per day. 

And yet, some parties took this chance to laugh at these 2 officers. 

The real question at hand is are we having enough officers? Did we pay enough so more would be attracted to this noble field? 

Having enough officers will help to lessen the burden on these officers. More shifts can be set up. 

But to recruit more officers, the pay must commensurate with the time and danger faced by these young men and women. Thus the need for further pay hike. 

Think of it, before you paint these noble men and women as lazy people. Are you even worthy of their stature? 

Btw, this Saturday I would be attending the tahlil of Cpl Azrul Tukiran, a young police officer who gave his life for our country, so that people like you and me can sleep well at night.

First published on Facebook at  Published at 10.01pm on 12 March 2015.

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