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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Updates and What not

It has been about a month since I last properly update this blog.  And within this one month, a few things have had occurred.


  1. The first A400M had just arrived in Malaysia today.  One of the giants had landed at Subang AFB late evening today.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there for its arrival as I was engaged in a separate event.
  2. Views on the war against Da'ish as an ideological war has been strengthened by a writing by Fareed Zakaria recently.  He stated that Pentagon has now approach this issue as an ideological war instead as a normal all out conventional war.  Finally, someone in US are really thinking things through.
  3. EA forms are out.  Time to pay your tax and be 'patriotic'.
  4. AFP was informed of the Battle of Mamasapamo by MILF, not by AFP.  Now that is something to ponder about.
  5. Cold War 2.  What you think about it?  
  6. Myanmar conducted an air raid on a town in Yunnan Province, China, killing 4 civilians.  Remember #5?
Till I have the time to further update the blog.

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