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Friday, August 26, 2016

Kalvari Leak and Scorpene

Interesting week.  The revelation that Indian Navy Kalvari submarine programme had been "inadvertently" leaked out to the public has made tongues wagging, in of all countries, Malaysia.
Indian Navy INS Kalvari. Photo: Daily Mail UK

Indian Navy's Kalvari, which is to replace it's ageing Kilo class derived Shindughosh class submarine, was designed based on French DCNS Scorpene submarine, of which our RMN operates 2 units; KD Tun Abdul Rahman and KD Tunku Abdul Razak.
RMN Scorpene. Photo Wikipedia 

Cybertroopers, especially those with left-leaning tendencies quickly latched onto this news like ants to sugar. 

Many of them took the opportunity to take a swipe at our Navy's submarine programme, saying that our submarines are now useless. 

To be frank, I do not know if I wanted to laugh or just chuckle. 

The Kalvari is based on Scorpene design, specifically Malaysian Scorpene.  But it is an updated design with requirements specific to India.  

Key differences would be that our Scorpene operates in the shallow tropical waters of South China Seas where as Indian Navy's Kalvari is expected to operate in a deeper cooler South Indian Ocean. 

When the word advanced is applied to a submarine class, especially that of a prior design, I believe it would not be wrong to say that the designs are actually different and is sufficiently different enough to result in a totally different submarine sonar signatures.  Like how Vietnam Navy's Advanced Kilo class submarines are way different from the older generation Kilo class submarines.  With about 10 years in between completion of our Scorpene and Indian Navy's proposed Kalvari, there are bound to be many changes. 

That is why our Navy Chief Admiral Dato' Seri Panglima Ahmad Kamarulzaman bin Hj Ahmad Badaruddin was not overly concerned with the relevalation of the leaked documents. 

Another reason why I'm not sure if I wanted to laugh or chuckle is the reaction from opposition cyber troopers. 

For years they have been screaming their lungs out that our Scorpene programme is a sham and our submarines can't dive.  

Now they seems overly concerned that our Scorpene no longer effective? 

I thought they were adamant that our submarines can't dive. 

Despite our submariners reaching 10,000 hours under water. 

Despite a certain Chief Minister that they glorify and deitify have taken a ride on the submarine. 

Yeah! Life sucks when your whole life is about your political leader's seat. 

Like a friend of mine had said, Ouchhh!

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