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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sometimes At Loss of Words

When I received this photo and news this morning, my gut told me the kid genuinely had wanted to join the military and probably did not know he need to go through recruitment.

Lack of exposure is one of the many factors some youth missed out the opportunity to serve our nation. 

Little did I know his case was far sadder than what I had thought.

An orphan with both parents dead, he is alone in this world. 

There's also some claims that he has some mental health problem.  I hope that can be cleared.

But what pained me was some people spread rumours that he was caught trying to enter the camp to play Pokemon Go.  And these buggers even shared his personal details; full name, IC number and full photo. (I've wrote about that before, sharing such information is and should be prosecuted under Official Secrets Act).

If the kid is genuinely serious, and has no mental health issue as claimed by the media, I do hope MINDEF and the Armed Forces can find ways to accommodate him.

I hope... and I should know better of all people.

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