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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Is it True Soldiers only Sleep and Eat?

Story 1
His daughter was sick. But his duty for the nation has to come first. Even though his superior officer had already approved his leave, he was adamant to complete his task to prevent Malayan Communist Party from creating troubles.

As soon as his operation was over, he rushed to the hospital where his daughter was treated. The young innocent child saw her father and said, "what is so important about your work that you did not care about me?" And she breathed her last.

That is the story of the late Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng and his daughter.

Note: the same tragedy befell upon Tun Hanif Omar.

Story 2
The father, a Navy sailor was sent overseas for training and duty in another country. At that time, his child was just a week old.

Today, his child had passed away due to sickness.

Story 3
His leave to return to Kuala Lumpur had already been approved. His wife was waiting at home to celebrate their 23rd anniversary.

Then, Operation Room informed that there were suspicious movements in a water village. All hands were required.

On their 23rd anniversary, the wife sent an sms to her husband. And one of their children studying in Cairo wrote on the Facebook, wishing the parents happy anniversary and wished that their wedding will last till the very end.

The night before, SP Ibrahim Lebar had already breathed his last due to mortal injuries he suffered in the hands of Sulu terrorists.

Story 4
It was his birthday. But there's no such thing as birthday leave in the service. Anyway, his wife and children would have prepared a birthday cake for him at home.

As he propelled his Beechcraft King to the sky, every aviator's worst nightmare happened. The plane lost control and plunged. There is no such thing as no death on birthday.

The late Major Kayamboo died on his birthday.

Story 5
Situation in Cairo was getting worse. Many Malaysian students were trapped. So the government launched Operation Pyramid. RMAF Hercules C130 Charlie were sent to Cairo.

In Egypt, one of RMAF crew member received news that his child died in an accident in Malaysia. When he was overseas saving the lives of children of other people, he lost his own.

Sleep and Eat?
All the above are true stories. Where possible, the names are mentioned. Where not possible, the names are not mentioned.

And these stories are just the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds and thousands of untold stories of our security forces.

So, is it true they just sleep and eat?

Remember this. The peace that we enjoy today did not come for free.

Note: even though 2 of the examples are of the police force, in reality they face similar risks.

BM version of the article can be found here.

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