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Friday, November 25, 2016

Till We Remember 5th Pillar of Rukun Negara

In light of yesterday's hottest news in town, I feel I need to apologise to the unnamed local government enforcement agency which had decided to issue camouflage uniform to their personnel.

Apparently, local government personnel do require camouflage so they can hide away from dangerous irate drivers who were issued summons by them.

In the future, PBT enforcement unit will be wearing these to issue parking tickets. 

Heck!  They might need to learn tarian perang or war dance after this and go for special warfare training.  The weaker ones would need to attend a separate training called warfair training.

Jokes aside, the lady enforcement officer had done a great job and is a credit to her profession.  Being professional and did not relent, that is how an enforcement officer should be.

With the lack of respect towards enforcement officers, and civil servants as a whole, I must say the trend is very worrying.

Notwithstanding the fact the male suspect is a supporter of Bersih, which to me is only incidental to this case, Malaysians in general are increasingly uncouth.

Thankfully, the couple had been sentenced to 14 days in prison.  Though now they are being said to be appealing.

It seems that we have forgotten the 5th pillar of Rukun Negara, Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

Then, until we rediscover the 5th pillar, don't be surprised if you received a parking fine from a camouflaged enforcement officer.

Note: I'm not sharing the person's photos.  They have children whom I wish not to be tainted by this episode.

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