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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week of the Fake News

Last week was a very interesting week.

The numbers of fake news was so high that it became a moot point to argue or disprove them. Funnier still that when you try to correct them, they responded saying they will try to confirm it with someone else.

Not to forget the laugh that we had when Cilisos tried to justify their politically charged article as a fair view.

Okay, list of fake news of the week.

➡ price of cooking oil will increase significantly after removal of subsidy (some from RM13 to RM21)

What is true?
↪ cooking oil subsidy was largely removed, but cooking oil in plastic packaging are still available.
↪ some traders did resorted to the purported price. With only 50 plus price-checkers nationwide, it would be a hard task to find all of these buggers.
↪ those caught are not only unlucky, but stupid to follow a non-credible information.

➡ pumping air into your tire will soon incur charges.

What is true?
↪ Petronas came out with a notification that there is no such plan to charge the air pump.

➡ Cooking gas price will be increased RM7 per canister.

What is true?
↪ There was no such planned increase of cooking gas.

➡ Someone's friends/neighbours 2 children were kidnapped by a white van/lorry by a Malay driver and a Chinese to way. The children's body had been found in Bukit Kayu Hitam/Bau, slit and internal organs gone missing. Comes with a photo of 2 dead naked children, with signs of the bodies had been slit open.

This photo was being shared with
different narratives.

↪ PDRM had come out with statements that the kidnappings are fake news. Click here and here for news.
↪ There's no such kidnapping.
↪ I have checked with my contacts in Bukit Aman and the contact shared a weibo page in China showing the same photos. Click here.

➡ subsidy for Malaysians at Government hospitals will end with FPP being implemented.

What is true?
↪ FPP had been implemented since 2007 at selected hospitals.
↪ FPP fees will be used to pay the specialists so they will stay in government service.
↪ decision to go FPP is in the patient's hands.
↪ existing medical subsidies will still continue.

Anything else?

For those who believed in any of the stories above, tahniah kerana anda telah dikencing!

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