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Monday, September 11, 2017

Myanmar Humanitarian Crisis

  1. Malaysia has been helping Rohingyans by providing food and shelter to Rohingyans since 1990's. Rohingyans in Malaysia can be found in large concentration in Selayang area.
  2. Rohingyans are not the only Myanmarese which are facing persecution from Myanmar government. The Karens, the Chins are other Myanmarese which are persecuted by Myanmarese government. The Karens are largely Christians and they can be found in large concentration in Cheras.
  3. The persecution on Rohingyans are not religious in nature, but more likely be racial in nature. Other Muslim majority ethnic groups in Myanmar are not affected.
  4. Regardless, Malaysia has to continue to play it's role in the international scene. This is a humanitarian crisis. Race and religion must play no role in determining if someone gets humanitarian aid.
  5. MAF via RMAF had sent supplies to Chittagong to help out in the crisis. The supplies were sent using the newly operationalised A400M from Subang Air Force Base.
  6. Photos belonging to Capt (R) Rahmat Tun Haniff showing the humanitarian operation sending aid using RMAF A400M.

  7. Helping Rohingyans or the Karens or Chins does not diminish the fact that we must still take care of our own people. MAF still and will be deployed to protect and save our own Malaysians if there are need to, anywhere and anytime.

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